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Paul Wright – Commissions

April 2020 update.

We have had the good fortune to not only display Paul Wrights amazing artwork for sale but also work closely with Paul and our customers to complete special bespoke commissions.

This very large example is a one off piece, created especially for The Lake Isle hotel & restaurant.

We are regular customers at the restaurant, we thoroughly enjoy the excellent service, delicious food and wonderful company. It’s so well known to our friends and family that we’ve received numerous vouchers as wedding and Christmas gifts.

The Lake Isle is a beautiful boutique hotel. Family owned by the charming Richard and his lovely wife Janine. It’s a warm welcoming place to be. The staff all take great pride in their various roles.

We’ve been liaising between Paul and Richard & Janine for some time now. So far we have completed 4 pieces for the hotel.

This large staircase titled ‘My Past and Nobody’s Future’ was originally painted as an oil on linen. It was then scanned and printed onto this large canvas. Paul then hand embellished the entire piece with acrylic paint to make it unique. It is surrounded by a handmade frame and finished to Richard’s specification.

Sadly, just as the piece was completed and delivered, The Lake Isle and our shop were requested by the U.K. Government to close temporarily due to Covid-19. When the Lake Isle reopens, this large impressive piece will take pride and place on the staircase leading to the hotel rooms. Hopefully by the end of 2020, we will provide several more pieces for the remaining hotel rooms. We also can’t wait to book our next meal!


If you would like to find out more about commissioning bespoke artwork by Paul Wright please get in touch by email, and we can discuss your requirements. 



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